3 Mistakes Powerball Players Make That Could Cost Them the Jackpot

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Mistakes Powerball Players Make
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    Shaun Greer
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There are a few Powerball player mistakes that could cost you the jackpot if you're not careful.

Have you ever played a board game without really remembering all the rules? Or maybe you played and invented your own rules for play. It may still have been a fun game to play, regardless of winning or losing and winging the rules as you went.

But when you play Powerball, it’s important that you mind and remember the rules of the game, especially those involving cashing in on your winnings. A mistake in the game of Powerball could cost you thousands, or even the jackpot. Here are three Powerball player mistakes that seem to be relatively common. But these game fouls can be easily avoided if you know what missteps happen most often. And who knows? You might even win!

Powerball Players Forget to Check Their Numbers

Powerball players are notorious for forgetting to check their numbers. They buy the tickets and pick the numbers, only to fall into the trap of complacency. Not every Powerball ticket is a winner. And you may lose several times in a row, making it seem like a win is out of reach. Checking the winning numbers maybe loses a bit of excitement and thrill after a while. However, those who do win the jackpot, have often played for years without success before finally hitting it big. If you’re hopeful enough to play, stay vigilant about checking your numbers to see if you’ve won. Even a partial match of numbers can offer several thousands in rewards. But you’ll never win if you forget to check and cash in on your big winning ticket.

Powerball Players Sometimes Lose Their Tickets

The Powerball ticket isn’t overly large in size, nor does it have substantial weight to it, making it awfully easy to lose or misplace. One of the most common Powerball player mistakes is losing the ticket. Sometimes the ticket is misplaced before the player has even checked the numbers. But there are horror stories of players who found themselves matching a few numbers and then not remembering where they put their ticket. When you play, make a concerted effort to keep your Powerball ticket in a safe and memorable place. You would hate to miss out on that jackpot just because you accidentally lost your winning ticket.

Powerball Winners Don’t Sign Their Tickets When Verifying Numbers

A winning Powerball ticket can belong to anyone, even a jackpot-winning ticket. Sometimes winners forget to sign their winning tickets, officially marking ownership of their winnings. Even the smaller cash rewards can be forfeited, should an unsigned ticket find its way into the hands of someone else. There have been instances when players would turn in their tickets at the counter to verify numbers, only to be told they didn’t win. However, the ticket did match a few numbers, and the attendant kept the unsigned ticket to claim the prize themselves.

Another rare scenario that can be costly if your ticket is unsigned is theft. Law enforcement can get involved and may be able to track if someone attempts to cash in on your stolen prize. But if you haven’t signed the winning ticket, there’s no real proof that it belongs to you in the first place. Don’t lose faith in humanity, though. These situations don’t happen all that often. But, in general, it’s best to sign your winning Powerball ticket.

There have been hundreds of stories where players claimed crazy things happened to their winning tickets. Some claimed to have accidentally washed winning tickets in the laundry. There are a surprising number of player accounts in which the family dog ate the ticket. These scenarios can be incredibly gut-wrenching if the numbers match the jackpot. Learn from the Powerball player mistakes of others to keep from experiencing the same fate. The bottom line, you can’t collect any winnings without proof of a winning ticket.

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